Book Binding

I’ve been working on a small Artist’s Book the last few days or so. The artwork is from an old sketchbook, an en plain air graphite sketch I did while holidaying on South Stradbroke Island, back in the early ninties. I had the sketch copied to acetate at the time for another project. A couple of years ago I used the acetate copy for a cyanotype. Here I have copied the acetate black line image onto rice paper. I’ve torn the paper to create a new concept.

I snapped this photo while I was contemplating whether to glue these pieces in this position or to the left. Choosing to the right. I am enjoying learning bookbinding techniques through the Domestika Online Course.

Having the iPad for watching, and replaying … and replaying :), the instructions has made it easier. I am surprised at the fine detail required for the different steps of professional bookbinding. The tape was hand-made as I wasn’t able to get Tyvek sheets. I dyed some fine cotton fabric with thinned acrylic paint (Burnt Umber, Ultramarine Blue, and white) to match the natural toned cardboards I’m using. Attached to the pages with double sided adhesive. All very fiddly but satisfying. This little book will be a concertina style with an environmental concept.


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