Two Down – One to Go!

I’ve just one more project to complete in the Bookbinding course I’m doing … “I’m doing” – well doing occasionally. It’s usually just a couple of hours a week that I put aside for this project. (More info: Previous Posts)

I am thoroughly enjoying this course. The first project was for a concertina Artist Book. I’ve used a sketch I did many years ago and copied it to rice paper. I’ve added paper bark from a gum tree in our garden, cotton thread, cotton paper, dyed linen for bindings. The binding is a 3 piece tapas for covering the concertina.

Presenting – TREE – investigating environmental damage and milling

The second project was for a Stitched Artist Book. This was challenging for me as the sewing required a crossing sequence that was new to me 🙂 but I got there! The binding is an articulated loin in 5 pieces for a stitched book. I have used lace paper, rice paper, gold leaf, coloured cards. Also a cyanotype of penta flowers on cotton paper and cotton fabric is used, and I printed the image to Tyvec for the bindings, and rice paper. A simple sketch on acetate of the penta star shape I printed to rice paper and used in the blue cyanotype. The sepia cyanotype on cotton includes other flowers.

Presenting – PENTAS – A tiny and pretty garden flower (Pentas lanceolata) growing in our garden, and probably yours too. The flower has different meanings in different countries and is also used for home remedies (ref: Florgeous). I have added the gold to emphasize the star shape.


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