Moments in Lavender

This is a second painting that I have in the Arts Connect Inc Members’ Exhibition at The Old Ambulance Station in Nambour – Truth, Healing and Prophecy. The photo resource is also from our 2003 holiday to Tasmania and Victoria. It was a small lavender farm open to the public, possibly Lavender House at Rowella, and a few hours drive from Bridestowe Lavender Farm in Nabowla according to my meta data.

Moments in Lavender
Acrylic on stretched cotton canvas 50 x 40 cms

In 2005 I completed a Master of Arts in Visual Arts. My proposal was to create non-verbal communication tools to assist reminiscence and relaxation for people in care with dementia and specifically Alzheimer’s disease. Queensland College of Art (QCA) Griffith University approved the Special Studies courses that I designed for the research, and all surveys in care facilities and day centres were conducted with the approval of the Griffith University Ethics Committee.

Not surprisingly, because of my own experiences working with aged clients, my personal injuries, visiting lavender farms and experiences with natural lavender treatments, my first themed Care Activity Resources featured flowering lavender plants and mauve colours. The series was titled Moments in Lavender.

YouTube preview below or Click Here for High Quality HD

Sneak Peek – Moments in Lavender
Digitally remastered to widescreen format in 2007

Subjects chosen were based on my research, and responses to surveys conducted in Care facilities.

I enthusiastically utilized my new digital skills in photography, videography, editing software and audio. The following year the non-verbal picture book and video were tested at care facilities by carers and therapists working with clients. Responses were analysed and reported as part of my Honours dissertation.

The Moments in Lavender themed resources were the prototypes for subsequent media including DVD movies, Picture Books, Interactive Digital Crosswords, and Printable eBooks. Other themes followed over the next fifteen years. All media are structured on – NATURE, HOME, and HOBBIES – familiar generic subjects to us all that allow for easy chatting and reminiscing between a client and carer, therapist, or family member. Familiar procedures are often captured in step-by-step sequences to stimulate memories; our learned procedures may be stored in different memory areas of the brain therefore allowing more opportunities for recall and reminiscence.

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Gallery hours: Monday to Saturday 10am – 3pm

Hope you can pop along – there are wonderful artworks on the Exhibition theme.


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