The Vegetable Patch

This video of a reminiscent and familiar hobby is now available for FREE at Vimeo for one-to-one viewing on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You may view it here or for the best experience, get the Vimeo app:
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You may think that a movie about a Vegie Patch is just for the gentlemen. But it will also evoke some lovely memories for the ladies. They may have watched, or even helped, their husbands, fathers or sons building and gardening. There is also the growing and harvesting of the little crops from a home garden. Not to mention the cooking… and the flavours!! So many things to talk about.

Creating a home vegetable patch in a country garden. Familiar subjects and activities include:
– man building and preparing a vegetable patch
– children helping to plant seedlings
– birds in the garden
– popular vegies and herbs growing
– studio shots of produce for detail
– steps for cooking pumpkin soup
– and more

My wonderful family and friends were often the actors and models in my movies and books. For The Vegetable Patch it is my husband mainly staring. Above is the link to a video clip of him building our vegie patch in our garden in Maleny Queensland.

If you work in a care facility then you are providing activities for a group of people which may be experiencing a mixture of these feelings. A DT has suggested that while doing an activity play the themed 28 minute movie for a frail person in care who is not able to participate to support the themed experience for them.

Creating the Storyboard was really easy, I knew exactly what I wanted. I hadn’t factored in the delays due to weather and poor crops, re-planting, waiting, technology changes …. but I got there in the end 🙂 This movie was released on DVD in 2013.

The Australian Journal of Dementia Care gave my movie a great review and recommendation in their issue Vol 2 No 3 June/July 2013. The writers highlighted some features of the movie. They also provided valuable activities suggestions for carers and Recreational Activities Officers to incorporate in their themed activity to support reminiscence. 

This movie can be supported with other themed activities. Firstly, there is The Vegie Patch Picture Book more info and secondly there are 4 FREE gardening themed crossword puzzles to play on devices more info .

My reminiscent movies are designed for carers to share with people in care with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cognitive difficulty, and memory loss. They are also relaxing and enjoyable for frail aged people. Every movie includes classical music and is designed with a combination of digital video and still images. I provide generic subjects of nature, home, and hobbies (within a themed title) – familiar subjects that are easy to chat about.


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