Crazy Cat Lady - Original Artwork Oil on Canvas

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My Crazy Cat Lady is really based on my own experiences in the late 80's, but I have placed her in a 60's kitchen wearing a popular fashion of the day, a Brunch-Coat.

My eldest son had come home asking if we could take a kitten that was going to go to the pound. I gave in - I figured that most kids that age want a motorbike. Annakey grew, than become a mom. One black kitten like herself and 3 white fluffy gorgeous bundles. She would jump on the kitchen bench the moment she thought no one was watching. The kittens took over the house. Although I didn't share my plates with them they did seem to be everywhere - it was anarchy.

This was sketched with charcoal first, then a thin layer of acrylic to establish the colour areas. The final work is in oil paint. The canvas is adhered to foam core.

Series: Retro Ladies

Medium: Oil

Ground: Canvas


Unframed Size: 45.5W x 60H cms

Also available Quality Downlaod at iStockphoto or as a Ready-to-Print Greeting Card at Etsy

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