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The sharetimepictures website closed in 2022 following Judi’s retirement from creations in this area of her arts practice.  Selected products are still available – please scroll down for Stockists.

Judi began creating Care Activities in 2005 – non-verbal communication tools to assist social interaction and reminiscence for people with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cognitive and memory difficulties and frail aged people.

Relaxing movies accompanied by classical music, reminiscent Picture Books, and auto-plying digital crosswords.

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The use of themes, particularly for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, may assist the opportunity for association and reminiscence. Additionally, a theme’s repetition facilitates the flow and continuity of the presentation, whether that be in a book, game, or movie.

Judi’s themed activities are designed with attention to the everyday, the familiar, the pleasant and memorable. By focusing on recognizable procedures and experiences stored in our Long-Term Memory Judi’s themed imagery provides support for memory stimulation. However, the final productions are generic in content, while recognizable to all of us, making reminiscence and chat times easier.


Guest Speaker – The Use of photography and videography in creating media for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia Arts Connect Inc. Artists’ Speak Out Forum, Maleny – with naturalist Steve Parish – 2 photographers with different passions October 2016

Alzheimer’ USA – A Place for Mom – Article – Non-verbal books designed for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. December 2014 and 2015

The Australian Journal of Dementia Care The Vegetable Patch – 28 minute movie reviewed

Pine Rivers Regional Gallery, Strathpine (Dec 2010) – Forum Speaker: The Use of Photography and Visual Arts in Aged Care – and Exhibitor and Speaker: SNAP – FIRST TAKEHDV – Installation for Exhibition: Photomontage of Bloopers from the
Share-Time Pictures film shoots – studio & on location

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW Newsletter (Sep 2010, p20) – GONE FISHING DVD – movie reviewed

Signpost Journal Practice Development Unit (Mental Health Services for Older People) of Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust (Volume 15 No 1 June 2010) – Article by Judi – the styles, subjects & composition of photography suitable for people with Alzheimer’s disease – The Creation of Non-verbal Communication Tools to Assist Social Interaction for People with Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease 

4th International Conference on Creative Expression, Communication and Dementia, Arts, Ageing and Creativity Adelaide  Convention Centre, South Australia Oct 2009 – Speaker – Topic: Using The Arts to Assist Communication During Recreation Times – Non-verbal Communication Tools for use with People with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease –

Ausmed Publications Aged Care Nursing 2009 Conference – Brisbane Sept 2009 Speaker – Topic: Relieving the Endless Boredom – The Creation of Non-verbal Books to Assist Social Interaction for People with Alzheimer’s disease


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BACKGROUND RESEARCHconducted by Judi Parkinson

In 2005 Judi commenced her research as a Master of Arts in Visual Art Postgraduate. Her goal was to design audiovisuals and non-verbal books that would be suitable for people with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), dementia and memory loss and also frail aged people.

Importantly, this research supported literature indicating that people with AD may have some cognitive understanding even though they may not be able to verbally express themselves.

Three phases of practical research were conducted to determine images that would be appropriate in subject matter and engaging in visual information.

The Queensland College of Art Griffith University supported Judi in this research by approving courses and research that she designed through the Special Studies options, providing research outside the visual arts program. The theme of Lavender was selected for the research and product designs.

Phase 1: In addition to publication research, this phase investigated the Preferred Hobbies and Interests of people with  early-mid AD and mentally healthy older adults in the community. These surveys were conducted through community groups, aged care facilities and day respite centres in the northern Brisbane suburbs.

Phase 2: This was conducted in aged care facilities and day respite centres. This stage investigated image styles and designs preferred by people with early-mid AD using a Paired Comparisons test with 8 different images on the one theme. A 28minute DVD video, 10minute DVD video, Slide-Show CD, Memory Box and Non-verbal Book were created from the findings of Phases 1 and 2. Video lengths were determined through literature publications and therapists’ consultations. The aim is to provide optimum opportunities for engagement and interaction; to provide audiovisual DVDs that are versatile for activity programs but also facilitate the individual needs of different care-recipients on any given day.

Judi received the Griffith Award for Academic Excellence 2005 for her research and visual arts

Phase 3 of Judi’s research was conducted in 2006, as an Honours MAVA postgraduate degree.

Participating aged care facilities and dementia specific units recorded the responses of people with mid-late AD to the tools. The primary two completed interventions, the non-verbal PhotoBook and the 10minute edition of the DVD were presented in a one-on-one, quiet setting with a carer/observer.

Postgraduate Supervisors

Dr Joseph McDowall – Griffith University Lecturer and Psychologist

Dr Juanita Muller – Griffith University Lecturer and Clinical Psychologist 

Research Consultant – Dr Jane Crisp, Griffith University Lecturer [Retired] and Author: Keeping in Touch: with Someone who has Alzheimer’s disease (Ausmed Publications)

Research DissertationThe Evaluation of Engagement and Response to Images Prepared for People with Alzheimer’s disease (published by Griffith University in 2007 at Judi’s MA(Hons)VA Honours Dissertation and Research Report assessment was conducted by lecturers at the Griffith University Faculty of Nursing and Faculty of Psychology at Nathan campus. In 2007 Judi was granted the Master of Arts with Second Class Honours, Division A in Visual Arts.

The business name Share-Time Pictures was registered in April 2007. This name was specifically chosen because it best states what the concept is behind the products. They are for sharing –  for use as communication tools, whether verbal or non-verbal.

The resources are specifically designed for people with Alzheimer’s Disease and are suitable for people in care and aged care, also people with other dementia, including frail aged people.  They are ideal for use as a group activity or one-on-one with a Diversional therapist, activities coordinator, carer or relative.

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Judi has been creating non-verbal handmade Artist’s Books since the early 1990’s. Some of these unique books have been purchased or exhibited by:

Selected Exhibitor, International Books.07 – The Impossible Dream. Noosa Regional Gallery, Artists Book – The Perfect Wife –  photography, etching, mixed media, paraffin, craft icons & collage (Pictured)

The  State Library of Victoria, Purchased by Rare Printed Collections (2005) Artist Book – Jurassic Peli (historical information of the pelican) photography & collage

The State Library of Queensland, Purchased by The James Hardie Collection (2004) Artist Book – Perplexity (environmental hazards of the Gold Coast Pelican) photography & collage

Purchased by Private Artist Book Collector, Australia – The Wedding – Pelicans breeding habits – photography & collage

Selected Exhibitor, Queensland College of Art Griffith University – QCA –ArtistCare Exhibition 1994 – Four-piece Artist Book – Child’s Play – photography, mixed media, collage