Afternoon Blessings

AFTERNOON BLESSINGS – acrylic on stretched canvas

This artwork has been created from one my own photographs taken during an afternoon walk with my family in our country town Maleny. If you visit Maleny then this is the walk that starts in Coral street. This scene is just after the bridge over the Obi Obi Creek and looking on towards the path to the the showgrounds. It really looked divine this day. The brilliant sunlight was splashing through the trees with almost a white purity before being tinged with the pink and golden glows of late afternoon.

Beyond the photographed resource.

I find that by remembering my initial impressions and response to the landscape allows me to take the finished painting beyond what can be seen in the photograph. Which is why I prefer to work from my own resources, whether photos, small watercolours, or sketches. Once I have sketched the composition then I usually ‘deviate’ from the monochromatic imagery presented in a photograph.

Experiences of en plein air painting always surface. There is nothing quite like seeing all the prisms of colour surrounding us from the natural world. I also cropped the original proportions.

Detail Reversed – checking tonal quality

I always view my artworks in a mirror when I;m working. One’s eye can get accustomed to the image as you’re working so I find it’s good to trick my brain into seeing the image as something new, and hopefully anything that is askew will be quickly visible. Nowadays I also use my mobile phone to take a snap if the work in progress. I do a quick digital edit to flip it, and make it black and white, it makes it easy to see any tonal errors during the progress of the artwork.

AFTERNOON BLESSINGS – Artist quality acrylic paint on stretched cotton canvas with satin oil varnish.

Ready to hang – 60.8cm (W) x 30.3cm (H) x 3.7cm (D)

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