en plein air

Early in Jun I enrolled in a few courses with The University of the Third Age on Sunshine Coast. Two courses are for health and fitness with my husband, the third is for my love of en plein air sketching and painting.

Our group meets twice a month and I am discovering some very picturesque places around the Sunshine Coast, thanks to the selections by our two organizers who offer a critique at the end of the session when we regroup.

First Meeting Place was in mid June at Jensen Park, Golden Beach

APictured are a few snippets from my sketch book and some close-up snaps where I’m transferring the designs to canvas. These are the undercoats and I’m excited about the direction they are taking – nothing new though really when looking at my style in other works.

Outdoor sketching is nothing new for me either – it’s over fifty years since my first safari to the wilds of nature – the parkland in my parents-in-law street, it was an adventure for me non the less :), and the result is the top image in this Instagram post from two years ago: https://www.instagram.com/p/CA7Bd1bgS8P/ It’s interesting to see that in all these years my main brush mark is still the laying of paint, in dots, blobs, marks or ‘brush-blobs’ with little blending on the ground/surface. Big changes in my palette though!


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