Holidays with family and friends are always so special. The two paintings on my easels at the moment are from an afternoon walk we took during our holiday in The Dandenongs, Victoria, last Christmas. … note to self re middle photo, ‘when walking, get one’s breath first before taking a photo’, LOL! Fortunately the second pic has some detail. The country track is a large painting 3x2ft and the meadow is slightly smaller. I love all the colours and brilliant lush green grasses.

My first painting on the easel was the hillside with the feeling of a lush and pretty meadow with daisies dancing gently. Such a happy atmosphere. First the composition, then wash, then I have started establishing in the darks.

In the country lane artwork I have first sketched the scene in charcoal. I’ve added a thin undercoat to search for the magic and atmosphere that I felt during the walk. The strong afternoon sun was behind me, a different lighting to my usual early morning strolls. Strong shadows falling in front of me, I usually choose a view with the low sun left or right or in front of me. I’m enjoying the challenge.

Another project … a very long term project … is an Artist Book. ‘It was a great idea at the time’ ‘ – as they say 🙂 and it is spread across my large table for contemplation/criticism/excitement, and always something that I just have to work around.

Ageing and Ageism – common subjects, and personal experiences (as are all my artworks), but I hope I am presenting them a little differently. There has been a lot of planning/erasing, saving/discarding, arranging/rearranging, colour/no-colour/a-bit-of-colour, flower-pressing/discarding (well some), a lot of measuring/re-measuring, and too much cutting for my temperamental hands. So after a year or more, all the woes are becoming contentment. There is now the hard yakka of projecting the required depths for bindings..



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