Tabula Rasa

I have really loved painting this sunrise. It is on beautiful stretched pure linen that has three layers of transparent primer which I have taken advantage of in my interpretation. The painting appears ‘unfinished’ as I’ve used some thin transparent acrylic layers and have left the edges of the canvas unpainted to emphasize the ‘clean slate’ or Tabula Rasa. (more below, plus video).

Layers and glazes of acrylic paint, ready to hang and 61cm (W) x 61cm (H) x 3.5cm (D). More info, and why not try a custom-made frame at the link:

A happy painting that will brighten any wall 🙂

I love capturing sunlight and ambience in my landscape paintings. It’s double joy depicting a sunrise over water with light splashing across the environment. My response to this new day was created from my plein air sketches, photos, and acrylic layering while leaving unpainted canvas to emphasize the ‘clean slate’.

Video: Some of the steps I took to create this painting –


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