Bushland Vibes

So happy to have another painting selected, from artists across Australia, by Aspire Gallery.

Bushland Vibes is available at the gallery or online as part of the Little Feature Exhibition Wall from 2nd September to 7th October 2023. There are sooo many beautiful artworks in this Collection, I’m really thrilled to be a part of it. Please scroll down for Gallery info and links.

This little painting is inspired by my trip to the Northern Territory recently. My husband and I had just walked back from the amazing Standley Chasm near Alice Spice and were chatting to a small group of tourists and Aborigines. I happened to see the late afternoon sunlight dancing across the grasses and hill nearby. I quickly snapped a mobile shot for reference. I could envisage the painting. I was excited ???‍?

Below: work in progress. Painted on a 30.5 cm Sq (with deep 3.5 sides) stretched canvas. The first two paintings I have been building the composition and adding thin base layers of colour. The following two images show the colours and layers building up. Then the last two are close-ups of the finished painting. Over many years people have often said that my paintings are like confetti – which I think is a lovely compliment ❤️

Aspire Gallery Hours:

Saturdays 10:30am to 4:30pm. Other times by appointment.www.aspiregallery.com.au/little-feature

. Online Catalogue: www.aspiregallery.com.au/little-feature

Bushland Vibes Link: https://www.aspiregallery.com.au/little-feature/p/bushland-vibes


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