Two Stories

Two Stories – exploring social responses to Ageing and Ageism.

My entry in the 2023 Queensland Regional Arts Award.

Handmade Artist’s Book.

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Two Stories
In this small book I am exploring common responses to ageing and ageism. Nature is a
repeated theme in my art practice, so it was natural for me to explore these two
perspectives with ‘gifts from nature’ found in my garden and used as idioms and
analogies in the collages and cyanotypes.
Ageing, the natural circle of life versus the desire to preserve or beautify, amid social and
media pressures. Flowers have represented feminine sexuality throughout history. I have
used them as metaphors, as ageism with regards to appearance and abilities, is more
often directed to older women than men.
Whether wishing to conform, accept or alter, our responses to ageing and the freedom of
choice must be respected without ageist prejudice or media criticism.
Ageing may be confrontational, ageism is discriminatory, stereotypical, demeaning.
Ageing is inevitable, from birth to death. However, ‘Life’ itself continues-on, symbolized
by Everlasting Daisy seeds.

Additional Notes
Snakeskin from my garden has been painted with gel medium to prevent deterioration.
Found flowers and insects are from my garden.
Cyanotype on cotton has been dyed in black tea.
Text – Quotes from Google search results.
Antique Printed Postcards and Calendar.
Ready-made craft motifs.


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