A Flower Medley

This delightful video is now available for FREE at Vimeo for viewing on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. You may view it here or for the best experience, get the Vimeo app:
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While primarily designed for care-recipients this DVD movie allows all viewers to experience the joys of a familiar past-time of walking through gardens and park-lands. Beautiful, engaging videography and photography presented in vignettes of themed colours. Ambient with relaxing classical music

Movie includes:

  • Private and Botanical gardens
  • flowers, birds, insects
  • nature and weather
  • engaging videography and photography
  • presented in vignettes of themed colours
  • familiar, relaxing classical music
  • vignettes of dry summer gardens, mists, rains, and autumn

I can’t believe it is 13-14 years since I filmed and photographed many of the images in this video. One of my favourite video clips is this one taken from the balcony of our last home in Maleny. The rains had just cleared and different species of birds were enjoying the fresh air and being out and about again.

The Cover photo of the Native Violets share a little bit of me … and nature … I took this photo in our garden, lying down with my camera, I was younger then 🙂 … we and our granddaughters used to call it the “fairy-patch”. ❤️

Originally the movie was to include the concept of creating a garden, but as I worked on it I felt the ambient relaxing theme was better. Many of the photos of my husband gardening were used in the books Busy in the Garden and Creating a Garden. More Info: https://artistjudiparkinson.com.au/care-activities/

Creating the Storyboard took a different turn to my usual process. I wanted the vignettes of colours and seasons to flow like a music script. The only way I could visualise the concept was to abandon my usual pages of 6 squares on A4 papers for sketches with notes, and to work on a 2-2.5 metre board covered with butcher paper. Going big worked! I was able to see the whole movie at one glance with the vignettes arranged across the board and image and video titles in the columns. Most were on Postit-notes for easy rearranging.

This isn’t just a slide show of flowers. It is designed to stimulate interest and engagement for the viewer by changing shapes, subjects, colours, and adding abstracted images at the colour changes. The occasional empty garden chair invites the viewer to sit and enjoy the gardens.

I hope you enjoy the flower medley.


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