Lazy, Hazy Summertime

Lazy, Hazy Summertime – acrylic on stretched linen 61 cm (Width) x 91.5 cm (Height) x 3.5 cm (Depth). Created from a phone photo while taking a late afternoon walk in the Dandenongs while holidaying down there. Some images of the work in progress are in a previous Blog post: 2023/04/05/wips/

A big ‘Thank You’ ? to a long-time collector of my art who became interested in this painting when she saw my #wip Instagram video-post back on the 30th March. Then after I started adding the colour she contacted me saying, ‘the colours, technique and the fact I felt I could walk along that path and be transported to a tranquil haven surrounded by the best of nature’. She wanted to buy it. I was so thrilled. My WIP became a commission.
More Info about the painting is at my Bluethumb portfolio


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