Exploring Watercolour Pencils

I have used watercolour pencils before when on holidays. No mess, easy to pack, travel well, and easier for traveling than the wet watercolour palette box. I’ve always loved sketching, so the sketching aspect appeals to me, especially being able to hone in on detail. They can also be used with a shading technique to give a more watercolour wash affect, very flexible.

However, for ease of packing I have usually used just a Cerulean Blue and Payne’s Grey with graphite or pen & ink. I knew I needed to add more colours for our Outback holiday. I chose to continue with the Faber Castell Albrecht Durer brand as I liked the results and quality. In preparation for the trip I took advantage of the en plein air groups in May to explore the added colours:

May 3rd: Outdoor Sketching Group ❤️ Trees
An absolutely beautiful morning at Ben Bennett Bushland Park in Caloundra, Queensland. Amazing, huge, old trees in this reserve. I spent the time trying out my new Watercolour Pencils. I bought them, and some water/fill brushes, for our trip to NT, SA, and central Australia next month.

May 17th: Outdoor Sketching Group ❤️ Pandanus

Glorious weather at Sir Leslie Wilson Park, Dicky Beach, Sunshine Coast. There were several beautiful viewpoints available but I chose to study some Pandanas Trees. All those branches intertwining are so interesting, and challenging. I spent a lot of my time doing small studies. And it was another day exploring and practicing with the Watercolour Pencils. A new w/c paper, rough, cold press, which I didn’t really enjoy. I also found the colours a little unforgiving, they are quite indelible and difficult to blot up if per chance one makes a mistake, LOL!

More Watercolour Pencils from my Outback Holiday Sketchbook


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