My Holiday Moments – Inspiring Landscapes

Why I haven’t been in my studio 🙂 xx

Capturing the colours and changes in our amazing Australian landscapes was my main interest in my little sketchbook, worked from a different perspective to the above photo. For this WIP of a billabong in Arnhem Land I first roughed in a few of the amazing colours down the right side of the binder, then I returned to it later to complete.

A little background to the mediums I am using: Exploring Watercolour Pencils

For this little sketch below I stayed with a couple of other tourists while my husband and the rest of the group climbed this rock face. We were certainly kept busy on all our adventures. The few remaining sketches I did in the evenings, and finished off on the plane when flying home.

The Kakadu Wetlands were incredible. I have never experienced such diversity in nature, from the tranquility of the landscape, and the peacefulness of the birds, to the quiet, preying crocodiles lurking amongst the waterlilies.

Capturing the tranquility of the wetlands was my objective in those little sketches. I found the watercolour pencils perfect for travelling, instead of a palette, water and wet paints. Although the paper was a cold press, rougher surface, than I am used to using.
We spent 3 days in Kakadu and Arnhem Land, and a total of 5 days in Darwin before catching the Ghan for a 4 day trip with daily tours. Then 5 days in Adelaide.
It was amazing how the landscapes seemed to change with the blink of an eye. From the lush wetlands to the dry bush, to rugged rocky mountains. To the barren desserts of Coober Pedy, then green hills and rain of South Australia.

We were fortunate enough to be in the late afternoon group walking to Standley Chasm (3 small photos above) near Alice Springs. The glow on the rugged terrain from the late sun was unbelievable, breathtaking. I navigated my way through most of our adventures, but walking through the chasm was another ‘time-out’ for me. My husband took some beautiful photos in there and they’ll be appearing in my paintings in the near future, with kind permission.

Catching the essence, the feeling was sometimes a fleeting moment. Like this impression of the drive back to Darwin, sun setting, undergrowth burnt back, and distant smoke still smoldering from back-burning giving a glow to the sunset. A few very blurry photos but they give me a memory prompt and basis for the concept.

Well, I’ve always wanted to see a Boab tree 🙂 Many years ago i was teaching art students the principles of trees and their growth. One gentle returned the following week with a picture of a Boab stating that I was wrong and this tree proved it … LOL. I think the principles of balance and sum still exists in a Boab, it’s nature.

This Boab was in the beautiful Darwin Botanical Gardens, not the outback as I had envisioned. For this sketch I wanted to focus on the design and balance of the tree, it’s not as tall and thin as it should be, but I finished it off on the plane trip home.

Also from our time in Darwin, a little impression (below) of the gardens at our accommodation.

Hoping that my future paintings and interpretations of the various landscapes I have experienced will show the colours, peace and drama, of our beautiful country.

Below: Two photos of The Breakaways, near Coober Pedy – incredible, desolate landscapes.

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