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Painting Flowers

The Templates and Instructions below are now available as FREE downloads. Please Note: some contact information and links may now be disconnected. The Painting Flowers eBook includes templates for tracing, your painting requirements list and illustrated instructions. Designed to assist creativity and enjoyment for all. The painting can be worked as an individual hobby or…
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Published: 15-05-2023

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May your holiday times be special xx My first introduction to dried flower arranging was in the late sixties. I was training to be a Salvation Army officer in Melbourne (a 2year full-time, live-in, theological and social work course). I needed to find…
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Published: 9-12-2022

How to Paint Irises

These were some fresh Irises from our garden – that I just had to paint when I saw them. I decided to photograph the process and share the steps with anyone interested. The eBook was originally available on CD, eBay and Etsy. Please Note: the eBook is now 16-17 years old so the links and…
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Published: 1-09-2022

Paint a Christmas Tree Card

Published: 7-12-2021
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