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I live in the Maleny area of the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia. The picturesque hillsides and rain forests make this countryside ideal for weddings and celebrations. I have been exploring the relationships that we have with flowers, especially the familiar tradition of bridal bouquets, and their being forwarded on after the wedding.

In this painting I wanted to capture the anticipation one might experience as the bouquet flies through the air.The majority of these roses and flowers have grown in our country garden, and all resources are my own photographs. Acrylic Paint, Ready to hang100.3cm (W) x 100.3cm (H) x 3cm (D) More Info:…/throw-it-to-me-throw-it-to-me

The first thing I realized after deciding on the design for this painting was that I really don’t know one rose from the other. My husband is the gardener, I just paint and photograph the flowers. Roses have such individual characteristics. After sketching several on to the canvas I discovered I was getting quite lost πŸ™‚ I quickly numbered the photographs and sketched up a legend to keep me on track.

There are ten small Montville Roses (The Duchess of Brabant) to represent our hinterland. These were painted fresh from our new garden. The Cherry Blossom was from a photo taken in the Dandenongs, and it represents the Cherry Tree at One Tree Hill in Maleny. All, but one, of the roses were grown by my husband over the years. Roses symbolize love. Daisies and maiden hair fern symbolize innocence and purity.

Moi, signing off, snapped by my gardener πŸ™‚

A Bluethumb Staff Pick

How exciting!! 😊

My artwork Throw It to Me! Throw It to Me! has been selected by Bluethumb Online Art Gallery as a Staff Pick last Friday (7th May) – thank you Bluethumb Team πŸ’

All the details are here:

Local Artist – Local Content Exhibition Opens

Detail – Spent Banksia

Congratulations to the winners at the Local Artist – Local Content Art Prize Exhibition announced at the opening. I was so thrilled be be a finalist in this beautiful collection of works about our Sunshine Coast. Over 150 entries from local artists, and 40 finalists selected, all with varied interpretations of subjects about our area. Click the links to view the Winners and the Finalists

My Artist’s Statement reads:

Spent Banksia

The Australian Banksia symbolizes to me endurance and the ability to change. From the glowing flowers on the β€˜cones’ to the spikes, follicles and seeds remaining in the dry dusty state, the Banksia continues to delight at different stages of decay.

Varieties of Banksia trees and shrubs are scattered throughout the Sunshine Coast in parklands, roadsides and private gardens. The moment I saw these spent flowers in my friend’s garden I knew I had to paint them! Rather than arranging the Still Life traditionally, I chose a floating ethereal composition to emphasize the everlasting resilience of the stoic Banksia.

The exhibition continues until Sunday 2nd May at the Caloundra Regional Gallery, and definitely worth a visit.

A Bluethumb Gallery Pick

How exciting!! 😊

My artwork ‘Garden Party in the Grevillea‘ has been selected by Bluethumb Online Art Gallery as a Daily Pick by Staff last Friday (19th) – thank you Bluethumb Team πŸ’

All the details are here:…/garden-party-in-the-grevillea

Painting Spent Banksia

So thrilled to be a Finalist in the ‘Local Artist – Local Content’ Art Prize 2021. My painting Spent Banksia is one of 40 Finalists from the Sunshine Coast region.

Spent Banksia
Mixed Media – graphite, charcoal, acrylic paint on stretched canvas 50.7×50.7cms

It is such an honor to be exhibiting Spent Banksia with so many amazing works by local artists. You can view all the Final Entries at the Caloundra Regional Gallery website. Exhibition dates: 19 March to 2 May 2021

I’m especially thrilled at being selected as this painting is part of my new mixed media style that I have worked on since giving up oil paints for health reasons. More information is in my first Blog post New Directions

This method can be a bit tedious as the graphite bleeds easily into the wet acrylic washes. That’s great, and effective, when one wants that reaction, but I don’t for some works. So to avoid that bleeding I seal every line with Binder medium by using a fine brush. I must say the tedium turns to relaxation very quickly.

The charcoal scrapings/dust were sealed with washes of Binder medium. The acrylic paint was applied using traditional watercolour methods. The branch was from friends’ garden at Mapleton, just across the Sunshine Coast hinterland range from us. I used it for reference as I chose to omit the vase and position of a traditional still life arrangement.