Yesterday’s Room

Art for Alzheimer’s Awareness – 2012 – Pine Rivers Regional Gallery

Solo Exhibition – Window Installation

This was the second solo exhibition in which I used used my art to bring awareness to various aspects of
Alzheimer’s disease including the experiences of the carer, the person in care and social influences.

An investigation into memory loss and the value of music and dance as stimulation to trigger past experiences. The Dance also represents the value of my use of learned procedures and using imagery with familiar everyday activities as a way to stimulate Procedural Memory in my Activity Resources. Thanks always to Linda Lola for lending the beautiful Retro dancing dress to compliment this installation. And also gallery staff and two of my sons for assisting with the set-up, and a daughter-in-law for posing for the Hippy Lady portrait.

One Hippy Day – oil on stretched canvas
Yesterday’s Room – Window Installation
Popular icons introduced to Melbourne Shows in the late 1950s – oil on stretched canvas

2015  Whispers from My Soul
2014  Baby Boomer
2012  Yesterday’s Room
2011  VoVo


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