Whispers from My Soul

Art for Alzheimer’s Awareness 2015 – Pine Rivers Regional Gallery

Solo Exhibition – Window Installation

This is the forth installation in which I used my art to bring awareness to various aspects of
Alzheimer’s disease including the experiences of the carer, the person in care and social influences.

I have drawn on some constants in my life that, from my perspective, from my own identity: family, health, education, occupation, hobby, religion, music, community service. These are subjective concepts of myself that I would hate to forget. I hope that in recognizing precious memories in my own self-identity I may better understand the significance of self-identity loss for people with Alzheimer’s disease and their loved ones.

This current installation investigates the importance of our life’s history in establishing our personal identity. We commence building or subtracting our personal history from childhood. Life events make us who we are and this installation focuses on how group identity contributes to this history. The artwork is designed to challenge two areas of inquiry.

Firstly, for us to contemplate the important aspects of our own personal history that we value and believe demonstrate our own identity. Although they are known to us they may not always be perceived by others.

Secondly, to gain a glimpse of the loss of personal identity brought about by memory loss for a person with advancing Alzheimer’s disease and the effects that loss has on the person, their family, friends and carers.

2015  Whispers from My Soul
2014  Baby Boomer
2012  Yesterday’s Room
2011  VoVo


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