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Exploring Watercolour Pencils

I have used watercolour pencils before when on holidays. No mess, easy to pack, travel well, and easier for traveling than the wet watercolour palette box. I’ve always loved sketching, so the sketching aspect appeals to me, especially being able to hone in on detail. They can also be used with a shading technique to…
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Published: 5-07-2023

A New Series

Today I ‘released’ the first butterfly painting from my new series – Butterflies and Flowers. Beyond the Cocoon – Pen and Wash on 300gsm Arches Hot Press Cotton Paper, 42 x 30 cms. More detailed images and information are available at BlueThumb Online Gallery . I am so thoroughly enjoying working on this series. The…
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Published: 8-02-2021

Money Savers – Paint Tubes

To save or use the very last skerrick of paint, try the following hints: The tips for metal tubes below are really only suitable for adults to perform. ACRYLIC PAINT – When a tube of acrylic paint is finished there are two solutions. If it is a soft plastic tube then squeeze some air out…
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Published: 27-01-2021
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